How are you? is an award winning patient-controlled health record.

It only takes moments to open a How are you? account, using a simple step-by-step registration wizard. Once registered, you will have access to the full range of How are you? tools.

Easily manage your record

Enter the details of your conditions, allergies and medications.

The autosuggest search field makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and with a single click you can select and add details to your record.

Collaborative Care Planning

You can create a personal Health Plan whether you suffer from a single condition, multiple conditions or complications, in full collaboration with care providers.

With How are you?, developing a Care Plan is a pleasure, not a chore. You can make a start at home and in comfort, without clinical assistance or medical knowledge. Whenever possible, the How are you? Care Plan will be prepopulated with content from the existing personal health record, while prompting you to complete sections that will provide you and your healthcare professional a holistic view, not just of your conditions, but also your lifestyle and your personal preferences.

Upload, store and share files

Uploading, sharing and assigning privacy settings to your medical files has never been so easy.

  • Files such as lab results, images or outputs from medical devices etc. can be uploaded with a simple and intuitive drag and drop.
  • Drop a file into a message to send it to a recipient in your network or into a group message to share more widely.
  • Files can also be added into the PHR Timeline or onto a data point in a chart, to permanently attach it to a moment in time or piece of information.
  • As with everything else on the How are you? platform, files, too have individual privacy and sharing settings.

Learn about your conditions

Learn about your conditions in plain English, with direct links to reference sources and a wealth of third-sector support services.

The How are you? platform includes an information-rich and patient-friendly integration with NHS Choices, the UK’s largest and most reliable source of evidence-based health information. NHS Choices is full of articles, how-to guides and diagnostic tools. It is clear and comprehensible to all; and is Information Standard Approved as a source of reliable health information.

Uniquely, the integration of NHS Choices into How are you? means that you are automatically presented with articles and resources which are directly of interest to you, based on the information you have provided.

Simple Sharing

Our simple privacy settings, mean that you're in complete control of your record.

At all times during your How are you? experience, you will remain in control of all the information you choose to enter into the platform. You can always choose to share more or less data, and can decide with whom to share it. You can derive confidence from the fact that our platform is safe and secure.

See your health data clearly

Most types of data in How are you? can be seen as Information Panels, allowing you or your healthcare professional, to discover further relevant information.

  • You can prioritise important panels and less relevant panels can be hidden.
  • You can expand Panel views to chart movements of key information over longer periods of time.
  • You can also view information shown in charts and panels presented in traditional tabular format.

How are you?’s features will allow you to participate confidently in your own care planning, because you will be able to see, interpret and contribute to your own healthcare data.

Interact and discuss

You can also communicate very specifically on single data points in the Patient Record.

When viewing any chart in the record, if you click on a data point, an overlay will open and allow you to:

  • See a comparison against the previous measurement.
  • See the date and time the measurement was recorded.
  • Drag and drop to attach a file.
  • People from your network, with your permission can comment on the measurement.

The Activity Feed

At the heart of How are you? is the Activity Feed - this is where you can:

  • Add family, friends, carers and healthcare professionals, indeed anyone involved in your care pathway.
  • Update your health status: ask for support, set wellbeing goals, or just say how you feel.
  • You can share, analyse or request support on any piece of information, right down to individual data points.
  • Drag and drop files (X-rays, prescriptions, test results, etc.).

The Health App Store - choose apps from the whole breadth of healthcare

How are you? has created the UK’s first healthcare-specific App Store - fully curated by healthcare professionals and patient groups.

The whole breadth of healthcare, wellbeing, exercise and mental health are covered in the How are you? App Store, with over 60 specialist healthcare disciplines covered; and over 200 apps on offer – with the list growing weekly.

It includes apps for:

  • Specific conditions: e.g. Alzheimers’ Disease, Meningitis, IBS, stroke.
  • Wellbeing: e.g.smoking cessation, pregnancy, anti-obesity.
  • Community healthcare: e.g. local facilities, volunteering, medical records.
  • Mental Health: e.g. stress, anxiety.

Appropriate apps appear directly in your Activity Feed. These apps are carefully selected to be relevant and useful to you based on your conditions, medications and personal circumstances, thereby eliminating unnecessary searching.