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Download_brochure How are you? is inviting NHS healthcare professionals to help design an N3 clinical dashboard and iPad application. We would like to hear from you to discuss running a pilot or to suggest enhancements or improvements to the experience of How are you? For more information you can download our brochure here.

Developed with the NHS, focused on the patient

How are you? is an easy to use, yet powerful, online Personal Health Record, designed to put the patient and their experiences first. It has already generated significant interest from NHS organisations in the UK and other healthcare services around the world.

How are you? is - and will always be - 100% free to NHS patients and healthcare professionals, because the service is supported by commercial licensing of its technology to international governments and healthcare delivery providers.

The impact technology can have in healthcare is profound and transformative. More open access to quality data increases our understanding of how diseases develop and spread. Linking data – to industry and research as well as to patients, service users and the public – gives us insight into the whole patient journey, not just isolated episodes of care. Sharing experiences through social channels equips people with information to help them to get the right support or care.

Department of Health, Digital Strategy December 2012

Clinical Record and Portal

Designed to be responsive for both mobile and tablet devices, our award winning clinical record and portal provides complete patient and practice management.

Built on-top of interoperable, public and open APIs.

Messages and consultations

Secure enough for the transmission of confidential patient information.

It’s simple to use; highly visual and intuitive, but fully-featured enough to support file attachments and other useful functions.

  • Shared assessment of data: lab reports and x-rays.
  • Full online consultations and in-platform telehealth.
  • Group threads for shared experiences (LTCs).

Integrated Record

Personal and Clinical Health Record

Our clinical record gives clinicians a picture of each patient which is unprecedented in its depth of content. Collated for easy decision making, clinicians can see both the patient's clinical history and all the additional data entered by the patient (with their permission) into their personal health record.

Interact and discuss

You can also communicate very specifically on individual health events in the Patient Record.

When viewing any chart in the record, if you click on a data point, an overlay will open and allow you to:

  • See a comparison against the previous measurement.
  • See the date and time the measurement was recorded.
  • Drag and drop to attach a file.

Prescribe validated health information

A wealth of reliable, evidence- based health information at each patient’s fingertips

The internet has put more self-care information in front of citizens than ever before. Unfortunately, as clinicians will readily attest, the experience of most patients searching online is that they are rapidly confused, baffled, or simply scared.

The How are you? platform therefore includes information-rich and patient-friendly integration with NHS Choices, the UK’s largest and most reliable source of evidence- based health information and the gateway to NHS online services.

Uniquely, however, the integration of NHS Choices into How are you? means that the user is presented automatically with articles and resources which are directly of interest to them, based on the information they provide.

In addition to NHS Choices, third sector organizations are also invited to become designated information providers. This puts a wealth of high-quality condition-specific information from the most interested and motivated parties in front of the people who need it most.

The Health App Store - perscribe apps from the whole breadth of healthcare

How are you? has created the UK’s first healthcare-specific App Store - fully curated by healthcare professionals and patient groups.

Healthcare, wellbeing, exercise and mental health are covered in the How are 
you? App Store, with over 60 specialist healthcare disciplines covered; and over 200 apps on offer – with the list growing weekly.

It includes apps for:

  • Specific conditions: e.g. Alzheimers’ Disease, Meningitis, IBS, stroke.
  • Wellbeing: e.g.smoking cessation, pregnancy, anti-obesity.
  • Community healthcare: e.g. local facilities, volunteering, medical records.
  • Mental Health: e.g. stress, anxiety.

Appropriate apps appear directly in the patients' Activity Feed. These apps are carefully selected to be relevant and useful to each patient based on their your conditions, medications and personal circumstances.

We need to have confidence in the quality of the information we use. Improving and enhancing our access to our own health and care records and facilitating the accurate recording and use of information by clinicians and professionals will lead to much needed improvements in the quality of information. This will, in turn, promote greater confidence in the quality of information collected and used for our care, as well as the nationally aggregated information used to support the planning and commissioning of services, research, quality and safety, and for accountability.

DH, The Power of Information – Putting all of us in control of the health and care information we need

Secure data

The security of patient data is paramount to us which is why How are you? uses 256-bit encryption, is hosted within the NHS N3 and is ISO/IEC 20000 accredited and ICO compliant.

NHS N3 network

N3 provides fast networking services to the NHS. The high-speed network makes it possible to deliver the reforms and new services needed to improve patient care.


Data security can never be taken for granted. We work with independent specialists to continually monitor our security efficiency and maintain industry best-practice protection.

Industry Standard

How are you? is interoperable and supports the national standards used by the NHS and Connecting for health for coding clinical data, including HL7, SNOMED CT and dm+d.

Get involved

Contact us to:

  • To discuss running a pilot in your Trust, hospital or specialist department
  • To suggest enhancements or improvements to the patient experience
  • To help us develop a clinical dashboard which meets all your professional needs
  • For assistance with setting up an account, or a tour of the features
  • For research materials which support the clinical and business cases for PHRs
  • For best-practice advice on healthcare information and records management

Vicky Breslin

Patient & Public Engagement

We want to hear from you

Please contact us to discuss running a pilot in your Trust, hospital or specialist department or to suggest enhancements or improvements to the patient experience of How are you?